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Escrow services

was founded in 1981 by a group of lawyers interested in helping investors to understand Costa Rican laws through a professional team ready to assist them according to their needs.

Among the members and consultants of our office you will find a variety of professionals mainly from Costa Rica, Madrid, Segovia, Canary Islands, New York and Paris, as well as accountants, surveyors, insurance agents, engineers, architects, among others. All of them fully capable of helping and coordinate our clients’ needs.

Legal practice is handled by experts in different areas like banking, investment, escrow accounts, real estate, insurance, project development, trust funds, immigration, corporations, commerce, trademarks, unfair competition, anti-money laundering laws, and civil, criminal, administrative and labor laws.

Members of:

Rede Universal de Escritórios Associados
Federación Interamericana de Abogados